Researchers at Springbrook National Park believe they captured thermal images of Australia’s Bigfoot, Yowie.

Yowie researcher Dean Harrison spent roughly $100,000 over the last 25 years in search of the Australian cryptid. The majority of his time is spent in Springbrook National Park in the Gold Coast hinterland of Queensland. And it all paid off recently when he reportedly documented a Yowie sighting.

“Randomly panning around and there [you] have it. Two of them,” Harrison said. “We were ecstatic. I mean, this is probably the best footage so far in Australia.”

Once they received the footage of unknown heat signatures standing roughly 9 feet tall, the team asked for everyone’s position in camp.

“We were kilometers into rough terrain,” Harrison continued, “up in the mountains in the middle of the night.”

The Yowie were said to be hiding from Harrison and company. No one in the group saw the creatures without the thermal imaging camera. Ultimately, they determined two of the creatures were hiding behind a tree.

Harrison believes Australia’s Bigfoot, or the Yowie, are intelligent creatures that acknowledge the presence of humans in their territory.

“They’ll leave stick symbols around the tracks [or] in the bush,” Harrison said, “and there will be sticks in the ground.”

He added that the Yowie placed sticks in places where their group previously stood. It’s unknown as to why the cryptid placed these sticks here, but it could’ve been acknowledging to group’s presence or communicating with other Yowie about the intruders.

Harrison and his team want to capture a living Yowie to prove its existence, as they believe this is the only way that they can convince everyone of the cryptid’s existence. Even after the thermal images of what seems to be a 9-foot tall creature in the forest, people were dismissive of the possibility that it could be the country’s most famous cryptid.

“When I see it, I’ll believe it,” YouTube user Salina Mendesa argued. “That could be anyone.”

The comments are split between believers and non-believers.

This footage adds to the database of evidence of the Yowie’s existence, but there is still a lot of research and documenting to go.


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