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Jason Bales

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Marine Biology, Ocean Exploration, Rain Forests, Global Warming

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How Has Bigfoot Stayed Hidden for So Long? Human Psychological Quirks

With smartphones and wildlife recording devices everywhere, how has Bigfoot and other cryptids stayed hidden for so long? Read more.

How Much Is Bigfoot Worth? $2 Million According to Oklahoma Bill

A new Oklahoma bill is putting aside up to $2 million for the safe and secure capture of the elusive Bigfoot. Happy hunting!

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Post Malone recently visited Skinwalker Ranch, one of the world's most-studied paranormal hotspots, with Brandon Fugal.

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Paramount Pictures recently announced that they'll release Paranormal Activity 7 and two other ghostly movies through their streaming platform Paramount+.

Strange Jellyfish-Squid Hybrid ‘Thick as a Man’s Body’ Spotted in London’s River Thames

A strange creature resembling both a jellyfish and a squid has been spotted off the London Bridge in the River Thames.

What Does the US Government Know About UFOs? They Have 180 Days to Tell Us

The U.S. Government is now required to tell its citizens what they know about UFOs by the end of June, thanks to the coronavirus relief package.