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Jason Bales

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Marine Biology, Ocean Exploration, Rain Forests, Global Warming

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Ghost Activity Captured on Camera at Tulsa Burger Joint

Sooner Paranormal caught ghost activity on camera at a burger joint in Tusla, Oklahoma, including floating orbs and flickering lights.

Megalodon Returns to the Big Screen with ‘The Meg 2’

The megalodon is set to return to the big screen with action-thriller sequel 'The Meg 2,' which sees Jason Statham return as Jonas Taylor.

Annual Mothman Festival Replaced with Virtual ‘Create a Cryptid’ Contest

The Parkersburg and Wood County Public Library is holding its first-ever ‘Create a Cryptid’ program in place of the annual Mothman Festival.

Is HBO’s Newest ‘Raised by Wolves’ in the Same World as ‘Alien’?

Director Ridley Scott -- best known for his hit movies Gladiator, Alien, and Blade Runner -- is back with a brand new television series...

Netflix Announces New Chupacabra Film with ‘Gravity’ Writer Jonas Cuaron as Director

Netflix will launch a brand new untitled movie about Chupacabra, directed by Gravity writer Jonas Cuaron. Cryptozoology is gaining in popularity.

Release the Kraken: Seattle’s Newest NHL Team Shows Just How Big the Cryptid Craze Is

This week in Seattle, the newest NHL expansion team made a major announcement: it's time to release the Kraken. The Seattle Kraken are officially...