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Marine Biology, Ocean Exploration, Rain Forests, Global Warming

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South Wales Alligator Gar Found Far from Home Could Impact Local Cryptids

A local resident found a South Wales alligator gar while walking her dog along the canal in Risca, South Wales last week. This could impact local cryptids.

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Cryptid Lab's Justin Bales breaks down the 5 best Jersey Devil movies to satisfy your desire for bloody, people-eating horror.

Local Chicago Resident Encounters Unsettling Shadow Figure

A local Chicago woman saw a shadow figure resembling the Lake Michigan Mothman inthe Albany Park neighborhood on January 9, 2020.

This Terrifying Cryptid Inspired Six Flags Fastest, Tallest Roller Coaster

Six Flags Great Adventure announced the construction of a brand new Jersey Devil Coaster, the longest, tallest, and fastest single-rail roller coaster in...