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WATCH: Potential Bigfoot or Dogman Caught on Camera

Bigfoot or Dogman caught on camera

Imagine if apples and pears started missing from the trees in your yard during the night. Perhaps, thoughts of raccoons and other small critters might enter your mind, but you set up a camera to find out anyway. Enter a giant creature reminiscent of Bigfoot or Dogman caught on camera!

This actually happened to a YouTuber by the name of Beautiful Planet

On August 22, 2015, he uploaded a video — Bigfoot caught on tape looking through window 2015 — with an interesting description.

“Every year the fruit just seemed to disappear overnight off my apple and pear trees,” it read. “The birdseed also seemed to vanish without a trace. I thought it was a racoon or something and so I set up a camera. This  is what was caught on camera. You can make up your own mind as to what it is.” 

The video, which has been subsequently taken down, is undeniably blurry, but there is clearly a figure staring through the window. The dark shadow is accompanied by glowing eyes. At the beginning of the video, the possible cryptid is standing tall before leaning down to peer into the house.

Dogman Caught on Camera?

Fortunately, YouTuber kaelan henry reuploaded the video — Dogman looking through a window updated — with some enhancements. 

“I made it sharper,” he said, “and I turned the contrast down so you could see the creature better.”

He acknowledges that this video was originally posted as a Bigfoot sighting, but believes it’s actually a Dogman sighting. Viewers seem to agree. 

Lost Soul commented, “That was a Dogman.” And Jon DeJulio added, “That looks more canine than gorilla to me.” 

Others suggested that this is another cryptid yet to be identified. 

The difference between a Sasquatch and a Dogman is substantial, though. Bigfoot has been referred to as dangerous, but often is more curious than aggressive. They observe from afar, while occasionally getting close enough to peek into windows, which makes sense for this video.

Dogman encounters are often viewed as much more dangerous. The majority of these encounters result in observers walking away unharmed, but they often report feeling like Dogman might’ve killed them. 

Do you believe this was a Bigfoot, a Dogman, or something completely different? Let us know in the comments! 



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