On October 24, 2020, a hunter and his son recorded a potential Bigfoot sighting in Logan Canyon, Utah.

The creature is roughly 300 yards away from the camera. Still, the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization described it as broad-shouldered with long arms and a thin and lean waist and stomach.

The possible cryptid looks brown from head to toe. Without orange gear on, it walked through a well-known rifle-hunting area. This suggests whatever the creature is, it isn’t a human. It would have been far too dangerous for any person to knowingly walk through that area without reflective clothing, especially dressed in all brown.

A friend of the hunters sent the video to the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization so they could take a deeper look into it.

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization’s Findings

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization arrived at the area of the Bigfoot sighting the next day to find the two hunters and a friend trying to re-enact the scene. Why would anyone try to re-enact their own hoax? This adds credibility to their story.

Bigfoot sighting Logan Canyon Utah
Image Credit: Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

The group searched a near 20-mile radius around where the video was filmed. Only two miles away from the original video, the group found Bigfoot tracks near a creek. The tracks are reportedly 16-inches long, 8-inches wide at the toes, and 6-inches wide at the heel.

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization does acknowledge that these tracks might not belong to whatever was filmed in the video. But it does suggest there could be a Bigfoot in the area. And Logan Canyon has been a hot spot for Bigfoot activity in the past.

The creature in the video was originally thought to be roughly five or six feet tall at first glance. After the investigation, the organization suggests it could actually be between seven and eight feet tall.

Measuring the Footprints

The second half of the video shows the group finding and measuring the footprints near the river. The footprint goes into the ground at roughly two inches around the toes and half-an-inch at the heel.

bigfoot foot print
Image Credit: Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

In the video, the recorder makes sure to say this isn’t definitively a Bigfoot track. They’re simply suggesting that it’s a Bigfoot-shaped track to pair with the video evidence from the day prior.

The second footprint is roughly five feet away from the first one. The impression on this footprint isn’t nearly as clear in the video. It also relies heavily on the indent of the toes to be seen.

The width of the second imprint is roughly eight inches wide, matching the first footprint. The uniformity of these footprints is important and lends them credibility.

There is a third imprint found on the video. But the ground starts to get more solid with the rocky terrain and the footprint barely takes shape.

Is This a Real Bigfoot Sighting in Logan Canyon?

The majority of YouTubers believe that this is indeed a real Bigfoot sighting.

“[It’s] definitely not human,” YouTube user Kookie wrote. “Look at the length of its arms! And how easily it walks through that rough terrain.”

“The knee raising is consistent with Bigfoot videos,” added Jeff Long.

Others commented on the luck of the hunters.

“Unbelievable footage,” Robert Starling wrote. “So rare to catch them in the open like that. Such a lucky group of hunters to capture that.”

Do you believe these hunters were able to capture a Bigfoot on video?


  1. I live in Logan and know that area well. I believe it was a Bigfoot. I’ve had experiences in that area. The only thing I am upset about is that the original videographers could have turned right off the dirt road onto the main highway and driven down towards the state snow plow shelter and gotten 50 to 100 yards closer to the Bigfoot.
    I will be moving to Texas in April.


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