Bigfoot 2 million Oklahoma bill

A new Oklahoma bill — proposed by State Rep. Justin Humphrey — put a bounty on Bigfoot’s capture. The original plan of $25,000 is now over $2 million only weeks after the proposal of the plan.

Don’t worry, Sasquatch fanatics; the bill makes it clear that hunters must capture Bigfoot unharmed and can’t break any laws to accomplish their task.

Despite the fact that this is clearly a money grab — state tourism officials are developing a Bigfoot promotional campaign and businesses are gearing up to sell annual Bigfoot tracking permits — the plan could spark a renewed interest in tracking down the elusive, mystical creature.

Humphrey said he wants to provide tourists with safe and affordable fun, KOKH reported. And what is more fun than a night out searching for Bigfoot in the Ouachita Mountains?

All of the money spent on commemorative merchandise will support locals in the area.

Oklahoma is already home to one of the biggest Bigfoot festivals in the country. The Honobia, Okla. Bigfoot Festival and Conference is a three-day event where prominent Sasquatch researchers share their findings with large crowds of cryptozoology enthusiasts.

This is another great opportunity for community building with fellow Bigfoot searchers. Hats off to Oklahoma for bringing Travel Channel’s Expedition Bigfoot to the masses.

Happy hunting! But leave the guns at home.


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