WATCH: Bigfoot Sighting Along Trail in Alberta, Canada

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On August 24, 2020, popular YouTube channel, Sonny Vator, posted a video of a possible Bigfoot sighting along a trail in Alberta, Canada.

The video is recorded from atop the helmet of a first responder en route to an emergency situation in a recreational area near the North Saskatchewan River in Alberta, Canada. The responder drove an ATV along the trail and through a wooded area when a large, black-and-grey-haired creature appeared to be standing in the trees.

The person riding the ATV immediately notices the creature, doing a quick double-take to try to get a second look at what might’ve been Bigfoot. The cryptid didn’t appear to move. Even after the creature disappears from sight, the responder slows down and consistently looks back, as if he or she was confused or frightened by the situation.

Is This a True Bigfoot Sighting?

Unlike some other sightings, this video has a realistic vibe to it. A first responder quickly driving through a wooded area for an emergency makes sense. And the person couldn’t stop to examine the creature if they’re on their way to an emergency situation.

Rather than one quick glimpse, the responder also looks back multiple times while driving and then slows down and continues checking once the creature disappears from sight.

The only aspect of this video that feels ‘off’ is the reaction, or lack thereof, from the creature. The ATV is relatively loud, and wildlife wouldn’t be standing near a trail while humans drive by. Yet, the black figure didn’t move at all in the video. Keep in mind, however, the creature is only in the video for a split second, so it may have ran afterwards.

The YouTube comments section suggests this is a true sasquatch sighting.

“Very compelling,” Todd Weber commented. “As it slows down, you can see everything.”

Of course, not everyone is as convinced.

“Not sure [if it was a Bigfoot],” ‘BAMA – BF’ commented, “but [there] was [definitely] something standing there.”

Other Bigfoot Sightings in Alberta, Canada

This isn’t the first Bigfoot sighting in Alberta, Canada this year. On April 15, a trail cam caught a sasquatch. And on March 15, someone recorded a Bigfoot standing in the trees.

It seems Alberta is quickly becoming a hotspot for Bigfoot sightings, making it one of the must-visit places for any Cryptozoologist.

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