Bigfoot Sighting Alberta Canada (April 2020)

On April 15, 2020, the popular YouTube channel Sonny Vator uploaded an alleged Bigfoot sighting in Alberta, Canada. The video shows a deer, followed by a dark, shadowy figure hiding in a group of trees. The figure appears to be stalking or waiting for prey.

“[A] trail camera capable of capturing short video footage [was] set up to gather data on wolverines in West Central Alberta and [captured] what appears to be a large dark figure,” the video’s description illustrates, “assumed to be the elusive Bigfoot hunting prey along the trail.”


Shortly after the video released, skeptics took to the comments forum and questioned the validity of this supposed Bigfoot sighting. Concerned viewers wanted to know why there isn’t a video of the Bigfoot entering or exiting the trees; why the video is so short; why the lighting changed about halfway into the clip; and why the deer wasn’t spooked by the encounter.

These are all relevant questions and concerns. The trees aren’t attached directly to the forest, so there should be footage of the Bigfoot entering or exiting the area. The video is particularly short, especially since the sasquatch doesn’t run away. The lighting definitely changes. And the deer doesn’t seem to mind being next to a monstrous humanoid.


Fortunately, Sonny Vator went out of the way to answer these concerns.

“Allow me to clarify this video once and for all,” he commented, “because a lot of you have been posting comments that don’t understand the workings of this type of camera.”

According to Sonny Vator, the device used is an unmanned remote camera triggered by a motion sensor. When the sensor is triggered, the camera records for 1 minute and 15 seconds, before shutting off for a 2-minute cool down period. Once activated a second time, it starts recording again.

The deer turns and walks away in the video. After leaving the area, the lighting changes. This is because the camera had shut off and started recording again when the Bigfoot appeared on-screen. Sonny Vator suggests the amount of time elapsed was about two hours.

As far as the footage of this cryptid arriving and leaving, apparently there is documentation, but it hasn’t been shared. Sonny Vator might share it in the future. We will have to wait and see.

The beast apparently vacates the area at night, making it difficult to see, and when the Bigfoot arrives, the camera must’ve malfunctioned. It is suggested that a low-battery warning shut down the camera until the solar charger sufficiently recharged it.


There is an argument to be had on either side of this Bigfoot evidence. If real, it is very compelling. Sonny Vator seemingly had answers to every question asked, but that doesn’t guarantee this is a real Bigfoot sighting in Alberta, Canada. It’s a bit peculiar that both videos of this creature entering and exiting the trees are sketchy, but hopefully Vator releases them and allows the skeptics to decide for themselves. 


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