Bigfoot Sighting in Alberta, Canada

On March 15, 2020, an anonymous oilfield worker in Nordegg, a west-central hamlet in Alberta, Canada, caught a video of what he claims is the elusive Bigfoot. Subsequently posted by the popular Bigfoot YouTube channel Sonny Vator, the video reveals a tall, dark figure standing in the trees. Is this really a Bigfoot sighting in Canada?

According to the worker, he didn’t see Bigfoot in real time, but rather, noticed he had captured the cryptid on video when reviewing his dash cam footage. YouTube user “S Goodman” asked for a backstory, questioning why the worker would go back and review his footage. 

“[There was] a new wellsite in the area [with a] drilling rig moving in as he drove by,” Vator responded, “[and he] didn’t catch the drilling company’s name, so he checked his dash cam footage.”

The worker returned the next day to further explore the area for possible clues as to what was in his video. He found broken branches piled together, almost in the shape of a bed. In the branches, he also found hair, suggesting something was laying in the branches the day before. 

In the video, the man considers that the creature he caught on camera might be a sasquatch. One of the more telling points of the video, however, comes at the end when the worker states, “I’m alone, or I’d go down there.” His hesitation suggests that this isn’t a hoax – at least, not one that he is aware of. 

It’s unknown if the worker collected the hair samples to test for DNA.

Other Bigfoot Sightings in Canada

Nordegg is a known hot spot for Bigfoot activity. Vator uploaded a different video (shown below) on January 1, 2020. It shows what is thought to be a large Bigfoot holding a younger Bigfoot.

Bigfoot Sighting in Alberta, Canada

This second video is significantly clearer, although there was no follow up that could have resulted in DNA samples. 

With both of these videos being posted in the first quarter of 2020, it may be only a matter of time before Bigfoot DNA is confirmed.

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