bigfoot sighting sacred burial ground [This video has been removed].

The son of a deceased Native American woman recently recorded what could be a Bigfoot sighting at the sacred burial ground where his mother was laid to rest. The burial ground recently had reports of stolen bodies, which is why he went to watch over the area at night.

The video, courtesy of Sonny Vator, is broken down into three parts:

The first section shows four written paragraphs, giving background information on the footage.

The second part is during the day, while the sun is setting. Not much happens outside of a few natural noises that one would expect to hear in the forest.

The final section starts roughly five minutes into the video. The man leaves his shelter. Once again, there are loud, howling noises in the dark. Slightly after the six-minute mark, the man seemingly finds the creature making these noises, directing his camera at glowing eyes. As the camera zooms in and focuses, the eyes become clearer. There’s an explosion and a massive Bigfoot-like creature appears in the light. Surprisingly, the explosion didn’t seem to scare the cryptid.

Why Is the Man at the Burial Ground?

The son wasn’t specifically looking for the Kiwakatan — or Bigfoot — in the video. He was just protecting his deceased mother’s buried body.

According to Native American legend, the corpse must rest in peace for 24 hours before moving onto the afterlife. If the body is disturbed during this period, the soul cannot move on. It’s forced to wander throughout the forest for eternity unable to find the land of peace.

With the sacred burial ground getting desecrated recently, the man decided to watch over his mother to ensure she moves onto the land of peace.

Kiwakatan – Bigfoot

The Kiwakatan is a sub-species of Bigfoot. Bigfoots are called many different names throughout the world. For example, the Navajo refer to them as Ye’iltsoh (or “Big God”), while the Cherokee call them Kecleh-Kudleh (or “Hairy Savage”). Regardless of the territory, many Bigfoots — including the Kiwakatan — are dangerous to people.

The Kiwakatans (or “Forest Beasts”) are known to feed on the dead in sacred burial grounds. It features a similar appearance to a normal Bigfoot but enjoys devouring rotting human flesh.

“My people call him Toylona,” ojsefg commented on YouTube. “My grandfather told us he would come down from the mountain and steal children. When he was a boy, they never went anywhere alone, or without dogs. Even today in the village, we aren’t supposed to talk about him.”

Is This Really a Kiwakatan or Bigfoot Sighting?

Regardless of whether the video is real or not, the footage is fascinating.

The video seems to be rather long for a fake. Why add layers to the video that have nothing to do with the sighting? A fake would likely start late in the video when the man comes out of his shelter to find the creature, rather than show him casually hanging out in his camp.

Vator also had to remove part of the video.

“[I] had to delete the scene where the person in the video chanted a prayer that is only meant for the spirit world in Indigenous culture,” he wrote.

It’s tough to know what to make of the actual footage of the creature. The supposed Kiwakatan only appears for a split second after the explosion. The footage very clearly shows a large, hairy creature. But the creature doesn’t move when the explosion goes off, which would scare most animals.

The majority of the YouTube commenters believe this is a real Bigfoot sighting at a sacred burial ground. One suggests it could be a wolf, though. That’s the only other animal that has been suggested at this point.

It will be interesting to see the rest of the video when it is released.

More to Come…

The video ends with the words “to be continued soon,” meaning there is more to this video. It hasn’t been released yet.

Vator did respond to a comment asking about the man.

“[Yeah], you will want to stay tuned,” he wrote. “He pissed this thing off more [than] anything.”

We will post the update as soon as it’s released.


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