Bigfoot Sighting in Yellowstone National Park (2014)

A popular 2014 Bigfoot sighting in Yellowstone National Park is going viral on social media after being reposted by Neal Parks – Paranormally Speaking‘s YouTube channel.

The original video, posted by Mary Greeley News, is a three-and-a-half minute look at four buffalo walking around Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park. It’s now closing in on 2 million views. The post has no mention of Bigfoot, though unidentified creatures are clearly seen multiple times throughout the video. 

At the 2:55 mark, four humanoid shapes walk between two trees. One exits from behind the lone tree, as the others must have disappeared directly back where they came from. 

Bigfoot Sighting Breakdown – Is It Real?

Popular YouTube channel ThinkerThunker broke down this video in an 11-minute outline, “Bigfoot vs Buffalo.”

Bigfoot Sighting in Yellowstone National Park Review

Human in a Suit?

He first looks at the one clear outline of Bigfoot. ThinkerThunker shows that while in the shape of a humanoid, the figure doesn’t have the same body ratios as humans. Its arms are roughly as long as its legs, which wouldn’t be natural for humans. 

“Something completely bizarre about him is that he has non-human body ratios,” he explains. “You can easily tell that by looking at his arm, which is almost as long as his leg, whereas your arms are 20 percent shorter than your legs.”

Another important details is that if someone were to dress up as a humanoid figure and get this close to roaming buffalo, they’d have to be crazy. If the buffalos decided to attack, these people would have no chance of survival without guns.

The Camera Panning

In the middle of the video, there is a camera pan, but the buffalo stay in the same position. Oftentimes, panning cameras or cuts suggest a hoax, but this is simply moving the camera to get a better shot of the buffalo, as no time elapses. 

From the first time we see the creatures in the background to when they re-enter the video on the right-side is only a few seconds. During this time they cover quite a bit of distance. Either this is the fastest group of humans in the world — running through snow — or whatever these cryptids are can move significantly faster than us. 


ThinkerThunker is adamant that this video doesn’t contain computer-generated imagery, or CGI. It would take far too much time and effort for someone to hoax.

Looking at the fourth creature, it is clearly taller than the first three. When scaled up, that would make this humanoid the tallest human being in the world based on the height of the first creature exiting the trees. 

Finally, the camera pans off of the creatures when the Old Faithful Geyser goes off. Many will question why the person filming didn’t keep recording these fascinating creatures, but this video was about the buffalos. The other creatures were found after the fact. It makes sense that this person wanted a shot of the geyser erupting.

Do you agree that this was a Bigfoot sighting in Yellowstone National Park? 


  1. ThinkerThunker is of dubious credibility and these are clearly people maybe wearing snow shoes. the Daily Planet Show on Discovery Channel analyzed this video and interviewed the Park Rangers regarding the cam, walking trails in that area and the docile nature of the resident buffalo.
    Conclusion – People out for a trek with a few local buffalo strolling along in the foreground


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