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Is Bigfoot real? How many Bigfoot sightings are hoaxes? Will we ever find definitive evidence of the mysterious creature? This article offers 25 of the most convincing Bigfoot sightings in history.

This list was last updated in November 2020.

1The Famous Patterson-Gimlin Footage

Filmmakers Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin recorded the most notorious Bigfoot sighting ever in 1967. They both continue to claim the video is not a hoax. Shown above is their original video enhanced to 4K resolution. It shows the fur and musculature of the apparent Bigfoot. After over 50 years, no one has been able to replicate the walk of this creature in the video.

2Marble Mountain Footage

During his annual Marble Mountain camping trip with his youth group, Jim Mills filmed a large creature standing on the ridge of a mountain. Recorded in 2001, the video is grainy and unclear. This is, however, the longest-known video footage of Bigfoot to date.

3Independence Day Footage

What has been deemed the “Independence Day” Bigfoot sighting is crystal clear. A creature walks through the forest with a baby in its arms. Unfortunately, the person who recorded this footage is unknown. The location of the recording is also unknown.

4Provo Canyon Footage

Provo Canyon, Utah is a hotspot for Bigfoot sightings. In October 2012, two siblings hiked through the canyon. They saw a giant creature and started recording. Once the apparent Bigfoot stands up and looks toward them, they run. YouTuber Beard Card offers a slower, enhanced version of the same video.

5Provo Canyon Thrower

This is another video shot near Provo Canyon, Utah. In December 2012, a hiker noticed a large, bipedal creature in the hills. He pulled out his camera and the creature started throwing rocks at him. Sasquatches are known for throwing rocks, even termed the Rock Apes of Vietnam by some.

6Paul Freeman Footage

The Paul Freeman Bigfoot footage is one of the most famous sightings to date. Recorded in 1994, Freeman claimed to see a family of Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) in the forest. The footage is grainy, but it could eventually get released in 4K, similarly to the Patterson-Gimlin footage.

7Josh Highcliff Footage

“I think I saw a skunk ape – please help,” Josh Highcliff named this video in October 2013. It is one of the most compelling Bigfoot sightings ever filmed. Hunting for hogs in Mississippi, Highcliff saw the creature down at a nearby tree stump. He claimed that when the creature stood up, it reached over seven feet tall. He immediately runs away from the “skunk ape.”

8Dog Footage

A man attached a GoPro to his friend’s dog as they searched for viable routes to walk through a forest. The dog captured what is apparently a Bigfoot walking through the forest. Oddly enough, the dog doesn’t react to the Sasquatch crossing its path, adding suspicion to this video. Even so, the footage is clear.

9Johnstown Footprint Photograph

Johnstown Footprint Photograph

The Johnstown footprint is one of the most well-known photographs of Bigfoot evidence in history. A man took the photo of a 17.75-inch footprint in Johnstown, Pa. in 1980. He used his hand and matches for size comparison. There were also reports of strange noises and a foul stench in the area around the same time.

10Mission BC Footage

Hiking over the lakes in Mission, British Columbia, a couple noticed a massive creature below. The distance between the couple and the possible Bigfoot is far. But the creature is still easily recognizable. While it could be a bear or some other type of animal, it would have to be extremely large.

11Eagle Cam Footage

The “Eagle Cam” footage shows a large creature walk below a nest of two baby bald eagles. The camera had been set up to study bald eagles in Michigan. But it ended up capturing an apparent Bigfoot. The camera zooms in on the creature to the best of its ability, but the video is far from clear.

12Rick Jacobs Photo

Rick Jacobs Bigfoot Sighting Photograph

Using a camera mounted to a tree in Allegheny National Forest, Rick Jacobs captured one of the most famous and controversial photographs of Bigfoot ever. The creature might’ve been a bear with mange. But Jacobs isn’t convinced. He offered photographs of bear cubs to show the creatures don’t look similar. Some remain unconvinced.

13Lettuce Lake Park Footage

Canoeing through the swamps of Lettuce Lake Park in Florida, one person captured a large creature on camera. At first, the man thought it was a bear. But he later changed his mind after seeing the creature’s long arms and easy movement through the swamp. Bears aren’t known to stay near the Lettuce Lake Park area, especially with predators like alligators and water moccasins in the water. This led the man to believe this is a true Bigfoot sighting.

14Idaho High School Footage

High school students captured a possible Bigfoot sighting in Idaho. The creature walks through the trees in the video. After the video ended, the students went into the woods and took a photograph of a massive footprint.

15Big Red Bigfoot Footage

This video is particularly interesting because it shows an apparent Bigfoot with red fur. Some believe Bigfoots can have different colored coats. The video definitely shows an ape-like creature in the forest. But as far as verifying this Bigfoot sighting, it’s very difficult.

16Prince Edward Island Footage

Two friends caught Bigfoot on camera while filming a chase scene for a movie. The video shows a man running from the forest. Behind him, a large, fast creature runs from one section of trees to another.

17Virginia Bigfoot Photo

Virginia Bigfoot Sighting Photograph

A Virginia man took a relatively clear photograph of what looks like a Bigfoot on the opposite side of a river. The creature is out in the open. And the man used a cell phone to capture the image.

18Utah Sledding Footage (Three Parts)

When looking back at footage of a family trip to the Utah mountains, a family found what looks like a Bigfoot watching them on the mountain. The first video shows the creature walking away in the top right-handed corner. The second clip shows the apparent Bigfoot watching the family. But as the camera goes back up the mountain, it’s gone. The third video shows the creature struggling to quickly run away.

19Gum Hill Footage

Deemed the “Beast of Gum Hill,” this apparent Bigfoot is moving through the trees while someone drives up the river on an ATV. Supposedly, the creature in this video looked roughly seven feet tall and weighed 350 pounds.

20McDowell County Footage

Collecting a trail camera that he set up in hopes of recording a Bigfoot sighting, a man heard a noise. Something threw a rock, and his dog chased after it. In the video, a creature sits in the forest. The man claims three Bigfoots were staring a him. It is worth noting that McDowell County, W. Virginia — where the video was filmed — is a Bigfoot hotspot.

21Bigfoot Helicopter Footage

This video is known as the “Bigfoot Helicopter Footage.” But not because the footage comes from inside a helicopter. Rather, a family had been target shooting when they saw a helicopter fly past. When they rewatched the clip of their shooting footage, they noticed a creature running through the trees after one of the children fired a shotgun. They now think the helicopter had been searching for Bigfoot.

22Bigfoot Tent Video

This is one of the most convincing Bigfoot sightings to date. One person recorded the creature through a small slit in his tent. The apparent Bigfoot turns around and looks in the direction of the camera, allowing the videographer to get a direct shot of its face.

23Eric Earle Shipton Photo

Eric Earle Shipton Bigfoot Photograph

The British explorer Eric Earle Shipton hiked the Himalaya Mountains in 1951. He came across a giant footprint in the snow, big enough to be that of a Bigfoot or a Yeti. In the photograph, he uses a pickaxe for size comparison.

24Bigfoot Dash Cam Footage

This dash cam video is far from clear and the darkness of the night makes it even more difficult to see. But a creature runs off the left side of the road. The police officers in the video immediately question what they saw, adding to the video’s authenticity. They even turn around and go looking for someone after mentioning that it’s bipedal.

25Tim Wells Footage

Two hunters originally thought they saw a bear in the Idaho wilderness. But after thinking about it longer, they decided it wasn’t a bear at all. They searched for the creature, quickly grabbing a camera and chasing it down. Although the creature looks fake on the film, Wells has never claimed this is a Bigfoot sighting, making it one of the more peculiar videos on the list.


  1. I know there are real bigfoot families out there I have seen one in west verginia minisota at my grandfathers when we went bluebery picking and man wants to destroy and study them in labs just leave them alone they will protect themselves.


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