Public Bridleway at Mogador, Surrey
Image Credit: Peter Trimming

Ameteur athlete and author of Beasts of Britain, Andy McGrath recently reported witnessing an “ape-like” man built of “solid muscle” watching over him before darting off into the woods right outside of London. Could this be the British Bigfoot?

First, let’s hear from McGrath himself:

McGrath’s British Bigfoot Sighting

“During my training session, I had heard wood knocking,” McGrath told The Daily Star. “I can’t say how many knocks because at the time my focus was on training, and I did not know that wood knocks have been linked to what I was about to see.”

“I just remember thinking to myself, ‘what’s that noise?’, as it was loud, but distant an seemed to come from several directions,” he continued. “It was still daylight and I could hear footsteps coming down the hill. I didn’t look around at this point, as I was sat on the side, out of the way and expecting a dog walker to go by.”

“I then realized that the person walking down the stairs had stopped,” he remembered. “I could hear breathing and I had an unsettled feeling that I was being watched.”

Andy McGrath British Bigfoot Sighting
Andy McGrath at Urguhart Castle

This is where McGrath’s story takes a terrifying twist.

“I turned and looked over my right shoulder and there, stood about 10 meters back, to my right-hand side and up the steps, was what I honestly believe to be some sort of ape.”

“It’s fur was a brown color,” he recalled, “with white patches of grey. The face was very human-like, with a flat nose, but the jaw was big. It looked out of proportion to the head. The head was domed at the top.”

“The animal stood on two legs,” he continued. “But appeared to slump forward and the arms were long in proportion to the body. The animal was very thick built. I can only say solid muscle. It was frightening the build of this thing! I’m not sure the height from the angle I was at. I could only estimate 6-foot plus, but I’m not sure.”

“The animal stood staring at me for about 30 seconds, before turning around and walking off, but still watching me. As it left, I could smell a stale farm animal type smell, which lingered.”

Is the British Bigfoot Real?

As it turns out, sightings of the Box Hill “ape-man,” Bigfoot of Boxhill, or Beast of Boxhill aren’t that uncommon in the area. Encounters like McGrath’s happen often enough in Surrey, which is located in South East England. 

There are some skeptical concerns to consider, though. How does a creature of that size hide right outside of one of Europe’s largest cities? Especially if it’s willing to walk right up to runners, like it did McGrath? 

It wouldn’t, however, be surprising to see two similar Bigfoot-like creatures exist in two separate parts of the world. These cryptids are extremely similar to humans, and different variations could definitely exist all over the globe.

For McGrath, he knows what he saw. 

“For witnesses like me, the British Bigfoot is a real creature and theoretically speaking, a game-changer, as far as one’s perception of the order of the world and its known fauna are concerned,” he said. “What most people find hard to fathom, of course, is how such an animal could escape detection in a land such as ours. That is, ostensibly, one of the most thoroughly explored in the world. And to that I would say, simply that it is difficult to discover something you are not seeking to find.”


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