chupacabra killing farm animals in Chile
Image Credit: Newsflash

Chupacabra, or some other nocturnal predator, is killing farm animals throughout Central Citani, Chile.

Since November 2020, the creature attacked roughly 50 baby llamas and alpacas, draining their blood in the middle of the night. Is the creature leaving these animals for dead the legendary Chupacabra — a cryptid known for inexplicably draining the blood of its victims?

Cattle rancher Juan Choque has been one of many farmers impacted by the mysterious killings. Originally, Choque and many others thought a person with ill-will was behind the chaos. But the community quickly changed their minds. The bodies left behind suggest something far more evil and sinister than a human.

“At first when two or three deaths appeared, we thought it was someone,” Choque told the Daily Star. “But when more began to appear, we said how someone is going to be killing the young if it does not suit anyone. No one could have such evil. And the deaths went on and on.”

Choque only heard about the legend of the Chupacabra after the attacks happened, but the story scared him enough to immediately put up solar panels to help illuminate the llama and alpaca pens. He believes this could help scare away the predator.

“My cousins tell me that it could be a creature called Chupacabra,” Choque continued, “who in the south for years attacked a person leaving them bad. It scared me, and we put lights with solar panels to illuminate the pens and scare this animal away.”

“I want them to find it,” he added, “so that it stops doing harm.”

Veterinary Specialist Andrea Nieto Steps In

The unnerving mystery only got stranger when veterinary specialist Andrea Nieto analyzed the attacks.

Cattle potentially drained of blood by Chupacabra in Chile
Cattle potentially drained of blood by Chupacabra in Chile (Image Credit: Newsflash)

Without any predatory tracks found inside the pen, the attacks remain a mystery. The attack marks on the cattle also weren’t from any predatory animals in the area, leaving the question as to what creature could have caused this damage.

“They are not marks of predators from here like the puma or the fox,” Nieto explained, suggesting that further investigations are necessary.

“Only two perforations are seen at the chest level and nothing else,” she added. “Apparently the animal sucked from there, but a more exhaustive investigation must be carried out.”

Another Possibility: Vampires

Locals have also suggested that the small Hamlet of Central Citani in Chile is dealing with an attack by vampires. These undead creatures drink the blood from the living with long, pointed canine teeth.

This theory is based on the two puncture wounds on the cattle and the lack of any predatory prints. Vampires have two fangs that create puncture wounds to drink the blood of their victims. They’re intelligent enough to cover their tracks, as well.

Regardless of whether this is the Chupacabra, vampires, or simply an old predator in a new part of the world, the residents of Chile need help immediately to protect their animals from future killings.


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