Creature wearing invisibility cloak in New Mexico Forest

YouTuber Cloaking Cryptids recently posted a short video of what appears to be a creature wearing an invisibility cloak walking through a New Mexico forest. The entity is obviously difficult to see, which is the purpose of wearing an invisibility cloak, and the footage is zoomed in. But the pixels in the video clearly seem to move.

Multiple viewers also pointed out a second cloaked creature toward the bottom left-hand corner of the video. Unfortunately, Cloaking Cryptids didn’t offer details on why or exactly where this video was filmed.

Cloaking has become very popular after being used in multiple major motion pictures, such as Predator and Harry Potter. And cloaking has also worked its way into the field of cryptozoology, as one of the world’s most famous cryptids has been accused of using an invisibility cloak.

The Bigfoot Invisibility Cloak Theory

Multiple theories suggest that Bigfoot is either using an invisibility cloak or has a cloaking ability. This would explain why the cryptid is so elusive to humans and rarely ever captured on camera.

There isn’t much evidence to support these theories, but claims of ape-like creatures vanishing into thin air do exist. Photographic and video evidence would be nearly impossible to capture, except in very rare cases.

But there is another possible explanation. 

The Gestalt Effect

The human brain groups together lines, shapes, curves and points, and generates whole forms from those smaller parts. This is called the Gestalt Effect.

Random wind movements and other chaotic events could be causing us to see images that aren’t there.

In this particular video, a smaller creature might be moving through the forest underneath the camera’s frame, moving the trees and foliage in the forest. Our brain then creates a larger creature wearing an invisiblity cloak that we think we see but don’t.

There are other possibilities, as well. Rapid advancements in military technology makes the ability to become invisible seem more likely now than ever.


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