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Strange Jellyfish-Squid Hybrid ‘Thick as a Man’s Body’ Spotted in London’s River Thames

A strange creature resembling both a jellyfish and a squid has been spotted off the London Bridge in the River Thames.

What Does the US Government Know About UFOs? They Have 180 Days to Tell Us

The U.S. Government is now required to tell its citizens what they know about UFOs by the end of June, thanks to the coronavirus relief package.

UFO and Bigfoot Expert Fred Saluga to Share His Findings This Saturday

This Saturday, UFO and Bigfoot expert Fred Saluga will share his recent findings at the William Holmes McGuffey Historical Society.

Is There a British Bigfoot? This Author and Athlete Thinks So

Andy McGrath recently reported witnessing an “ape-like” man built of “solid muscle” watching over him. Could this be the British Bigfoot?

The 5 Best Mothman Movies to Watch Right Now

We've compiled a list of the five best Mothman movies to watch right now. These range from horror and thriller to comedy and documentary.

Spooky Voices Recorded Inside Real Mary King’s Close by Scottish Paranormal

Scottish Paranormal, at Real Mary King's Close, recorded the spooky sounds of children talking during a paranormal investigation.

‘Expedition Bigfoot’ Returns to Travel Channel with Hopes of Finding the Elusive Cryptid

It’s nearly time to put 2020 behind us. And Travel Channel plans to kick off the new year with a brand new Expedition Bigfoot...

Pro Wrestling Superstars Recall Paranormal Activity at Haunted Childhood Home

In their new book, the Young Bucks open up about paranormal activity at their haunted childhood home in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

The Best Cryptid Christmas Gifts [Clothing, Books, Mugs, and More]

Looking for the best cryptid Christmas gifts of 2020? We've compiled a list of more than 50 gift ideas, from books to stickers and more.

Ghost Activity Captured on Camera at Tulsa Burger Joint

Sooner Paranormal caught ghost activity on camera at a burger joint in Tusla, Oklahoma, including floating orbs and flickering lights.

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