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Altamaha-ha [A Complete Guide]

The most comprehensive guide to the Altamaha-ha, including origin story, location, physical characteristics, sightings, and pop culture references.

Possible Beast of Bodmin Moor Tracks Found in Cornwall

A man is claiming to have recently discovered tracks belonging to the Beast of Bodmin Moor in Madron, a small village in Cornwall, England.

South Wales Alligator Gar Found Far from Home Could Impact Local Cryptids

A local resident found a South Wales alligator gar while walking her dog along the canal in Risca, South Wales last week. This could impact local cryptids.

5 Best Jersey Devil Movies to Watch Right Now [Plus Honorable Mentions]

Cryptid Lab's Justin Bales breaks down the 5 best Jersey Devil movies to satisfy your desire for bloody, people-eating horror.

Strange Eel-Dolphin Hybrid with Sharp Teeth and No Eyes Discovered in Mexico

A group of locals discovered an unidentified, strange creature washed ashore the Destiladeras Beach in Jalisco, Mexico. It has no eyes and sharp teeth.

Loch Ness Monster Theories: The European Eel

Are European eels overtaking Loch Ness? Are at least some Nessie sightings simply eels surfacing on the lake? We take a deeper look...

Mysterious Skeleton Washes Up on Scottish Beach

A mysterious skeleton washed up on a Scottish beach. Locals, confused by this event, have guessed that it might be anything from the Loch Ness Monster to...

WATCH: Evidence of the Argentina Loch Ness Monster Surfaces in 2020

The Argentina Loch Ness Monster, Nahuelito, recently aired on the Travel Channel's Paranormal Caught on Camera with possible evidence of its existence.

WATCH: The Clearest Ogopogo Evidence Ever Caught on Camera

A video shot in 2018 shows the clearest Ogopogo evidence ever recorded. A son and his father spotted what appears to be a massive creature while...

WATCH: Unidentifiable Sea Creature Caught Near Coney Island

A sea creature caught off the coast of Coney Island is creating a media frenzy. No one has been able to identify this mysterious octopus-like animal.