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Trinity County Considers Bigfoot Laws to Protect Cryptid in Similar Ways to Endangered Species

Trinity County Board of Supervisors in Northern California debated Bigfoot laws to protect the creatures and punish any person(s) who might kill them.

WATCH: Potential Bigfoot or Dogman Caught on Camera

After setting up a camera to find out why his apples and pears kept going missing, one YouTuber might've got Bigfoot or Dogman caught on camera!

Are Recent Pterodactyl Sightings True or False?

Pterodactyl sightings are popping up all across the United States. Are these reports true or false? Our investigator takes a deep dive to find out.

WATCH: YouTube and SnapChat Videos Show Possible Floating Humanoid Figure in Arizona

On March 22, 2020, two separate residents of Phoenix captured what looks like a floating humanoid figure in Arizona on footage.

WATCH: Potential Bigfoot Sighting Caught on Dash Cam in Canada

On March 15, 2020, an anonymous oilfield worker in Nordegg, a west-central hamlet in Alberta, Canada, caught a video of what he claims is the elusive Bigfoot.

Photos of Apparent Bigfoot Sighting in Colorado Appear on Social Media

A Bigfoot sighting in Colorado has social media in a frenzy. Scott Yeoman of Bailey recently released photos showing the sasquatch outside his window.

Altamaha-ha [A Complete Guide]

The most comprehensive guide to the Altamaha-ha, including origin story, location, physical characteristics, sightings, and pop culture references.

Possible Beast of Bodmin Moor Tracks Found in Cornwall

A man is claiming to have recently discovered tracks belonging to the Beast of Bodmin Moor in Madron, a small village in Cornwall, England.

South Wales Alligator Gar Found Far from Home Could Impact Local Cryptids

A local resident found a South Wales alligator gar while walking her dog along the canal in Risca, South Wales last week. This could impact local cryptids.

5 Best Jersey Devil Movies to Watch Right Now [Plus Honorable Mentions]

Cryptid Lab's Justin Bales breaks down the 5 best Jersey Devil movies to satisfy your desire for bloody, people-eating horror.