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How the Bushfires in New South Wales Might’ve Impacted Yowie

New South Wales in Australia, the home of the notorious Yowie, has been burning since September. Here is how the bushfires might've impacted Yowie.

Home of Elusive Bigfoot is Saved from Destruction in North Carolina

Thanks to the conservationist efforts of North Carolina, the home of the elusive Bigfoot, Jonas Ridge Bog, is saved from demolition.

Pterosaur-like Creature Spotted in Apopka, Florida

Recently, a resident of Florida - she wishes to remain anonymous - spotted a large, Pterosaur-like creature in Apopka. What was this beast?

5 Cave Cryptids Possibly Linked to Mysterious Disappearances in US

A new map shows a link between mysterious human disappearances and the largest U.S. cave system. Which cave cryptids might be responsible for this?

Local Chicago Resident Encounters Unsettling Shadow Figure

A local Chicago woman saw a shadow figure resembling the Lake Michigan Mothman inthe Albany Park neighborhood on January 9, 2020.

The Chupacabra [A Complete Guide]

The most comprehensive guide to the Chupacabra, including origin story, location, physical characteristics, sightings, and pop culture references.

This Terrifying Cryptid Inspired Six Flags Fastest, Tallest Roller Coaster

Six Flags Great Adventure announced the construction of a brand new Jersey Devil Coaster, the longest, tallest, and fastest single-rail roller coaster in...