Possible Dogman Sighting in Bradenton, Florida

In June 2020, a possible Dogman sighting surfaced in Bradenton, Florida after a person caught a mysterious creature on camera via Facebook Live stream.

The Facebook user went live after seeing ‘something freaky’ in their garden. When they opened the door, a large, seemingly-bipedal creature darts across the treeline. 

The video, reposted on YouTube via UFCmania, shows the event take place in real-time, slow motion, and with still frames. 

The witness responded naturally to seeing the creature, shouting and slamming the door shut. Based on the footage, the cryptid must be massive, as it looked to be nearly half as tall as most of the trees. It’s also quick, covering a tremendous amount of ground in a short amount of time, as it ran through the yard.

The video is rapidly gaining popularity with nearly 10,000 views and over 100 comments. What could the strange creature be?

Dogman Sighting – Florida – June 2020

Dogmen are notoriously evil creatures and very dangerous to humans, and sightings should be taken seriously. Most witnesses claim suicidal episodes, severe emotional trauma, and intense fits of fear after seeing them.

“[You] need some bear traps, land mines, sentry guns, drones, and [two] crazy Greyhounds,” commented YouTuber Nabbu Mathew. “[And] one more thing, a shotgun.”

The size, color, speed, bipedal nature, and overall physical appearance does seem to suggest a new dogman sighting. But are there alternative possibilities?

Alternative Cryptids

While the translucent nature of the creature could be chalked up to how quickly it is moving, some are suggesting the man in Florida is seeing a ghost or some other kind of apparition. Others are turning toward the greater unknown, suggesting this is an alien sighting.

“Tall grey,” commented Grandmaster UV, “in my opinion.”

Based on the number of likes the comment garnered, this seems to be a popular opinion. Less popular, one YouTuber suggested an ‘insectoid’ that has been seen several times in Brazil.

“That creature has been spotted several times in Brazil,” John Rizzo commented. “It’s some kind of ant insectoid. It moves erratically fast, hard to catch with the human eye.”

Of course, there are doubters as well.

“Plot twist,” wrote Shiv Nath, “… that weed is good AF.”

While Cryptid Lab never condones intentionally hurting creatures with traps or weapons, it would be fascinating to capture more harmless footage of this potentially rare monster.


  1. That’s no ghost. Me and other investors from the NADP North American Dogman Project have been studying this and they’re are hints in the video that it is in fact a living creature running out of the tree line and under the street light. These creatures are very fast and would appear as a blur when running.

    • Have you ever seen one? I have. It absolutely amazes me how many people have these channels and websites, but have never actually seen one. I’m my case I saw several. So, tell me, how many have you seen them? Must be quite a few, I mean North America dogman project, you people must be experts huh?

  2. Large flightless bird, I see the stork legs, and I see the body. That’s an Emu in full sprint. This was in FL too which adds to my suspicion.


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