Dogman sighting in New York

Over the last few days, popular Facebook group Challenge the Unknown shared three photos that seem to be evidence of Dogman sightings in the United States.

As is the case with any popular cryptozoology evidence, some defended the sightings, some ridiculed them, and others offered logical explanations as to what the photos might show. Below are each of the pictures with both sides of the story presented. You can decide if these Dogman photos are real evidence or not.

Cranes Hollow Road Dogman Sighting in New York

Dogman sighting in Cranes Hollow Road New York
Cranes Hollow Rd. Dogman from Challenge the Unknown

The most popular photo was posted on January 27, 2021. This image is said to be taken on Cranes Hollow Rd. in Amsterdam, New York. It’s less than a 24-hour drive to Green Mountain National Forest, which is home to plenty of coyotes.

The cryptid in this photo is hunched over with abnormal hind legs and no tail. The odd shape of the creature has many people wondering if it’s a deformed coyote dealing with a spinal issue.

Thomas D. Shuster believes it could be a different animal that not many would expect.

“A frightened raccoon comes to mind,” he suggests. “They rear up when frightened to make themselves look larger and have thicker rear legs than front limbs.”

Many viewers were upset with the camera work, suggesting it’s too blurry to tell what it is. One user claimed she fiddled with the saturation and believes she sees ears on the creature, directly opposing the initial description in the post. Another claimed he blew up the picture and was trying to analyze it, as it was difficult with the graininess of the original photo. He claims it certainly isn’t a normal wolf, although he wouldn’t go as far to say it’s evidence of a Dogman sighting.

The final oddity of this photo is in the background. Many have suggested that there could be two Bigfoots lurking in the forest, as you can see two Bigfoot-like shapes behind the Dogman-like creature.

Michigan Dogman Sighting at Manufacturing Plant

Dogman photo evidence Michigan
Michigan Dogman from Challenge the Unknown

This image was taken with a Kodak Signet 35mm camera in 1961. A night watchman at a manufacturing plant between Big Rapids and Chippewa Lake, Michigan took the photo. Challenge the Unknown posted it on January 28, 2021.

There is a lot of skepticism surrounding this photo. Once again, users wanted a sharper image, but if it was taken 60 years ago, that wasn’t a possibility.

The white surrounding the creature was a call for concern for one user, while another simply stated that it looks fake, or like someone used CGI to add the Dogman creature.

Others loved the photo, though, finding it to be proof of a Dogman sighting finally captured as a photo.

Memory LaMere suggested that it wasn’t Dogman in the image, though. She argued you can see hooves, suggesting this is actually a photo of Goatman.

The picture above certainly resembles the fear-inducing, evil, death-craving Dogman that is famous throughout Michigan more than the first photo.

Controversial Dogman Sighting in Tempe, Michigan

Michigan sighting in Tempe Michigan photo evidence
Temple Dogman from Challenge the Unknown

Challenge the Unknown acknowledges that the origins of this photo are still up for debate. They tracked it down on a Ukrainian UFO web forum.

“In the winter of 2008, two teenage girls looked after their neighbors’ three children on a farm near Temple, Michigan,” the story reads. “The teenagers heard an animal wandering near a small barn where chickens and sheep were located. Assuming it was a bear that wandered onto the farm, one of the girls took a digital camera and went out onto the porch. The animal she saw resembled a giant dog. To her surprise, when she pointed the camera at the creature, the ‘dog’ stood up on its hind legs. The girl then pressed the camera button and ran back into the house. [This] is the image that she managed to capture.”

As is the case with many popular cryptid photos, this Dogman sighting was immediately met with skepticism. A few claimed it was a fake. But the popularity of the photo grew after it was used by WikiFandom on their Michigan Dogman page.

Other skeptics suggested it could’ve been a glare from the light, snow blowing across the field, or another animal. One user argued it must be fake because of the size of the cryptid.

Not everyone was skeptical of the image, though.

“These are being witnessed world wide,” Hellen Parks wrote. “Kudos to her for not shaking with fear.”

With a varying amount of support and skepticism on social media, do you believe these photos are true photographic evidence of Dogman sightings?


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