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WATCH: YouTube and SnapChat Videos Show Possible Floating Humanoid Figure in Arizona

Floating Humanoid Figure in Arizona

On March 22, 2020, two separate residents of Phoenix captured what looks like a floating humanoid figure in Arizona on footage.

The first video, posted on YouTube via UFCmania, blurs in and out at times, but in brief moments of clarity, a dark figure in the sky clearly represents a floating humanoid. Soon after filming, the anonymous couple sent the video to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

“We first noticed it while sitting in our backyard,” the couple said. “[A] black object moving slowly from NE to SW [had a] very strange shape [and looked] like a figure with wings. My wife commented that it looked like a giant bumble bee. We used binoculars and video taped [it]. [The] confirmed odd-shaped object was spinning as it was moving. It was an overcast evening but the object was very defined [and] black. Clouds were moving [in the] opposite direction. No noise could be heard, moving under clouds about a mile up. This object looked like a giant transformer.”

Second Video

A second video of this event emerged shortly after the first release on YouTube. YouTube user Ballee18 posted a SnapChat video of the figure. The recorder zoomed in and out, capturing trees and a house on the camera. This gives the viewer a better perspective.

Floating humanoid figure in Arizona

Is This Figure Mothman?

Since the release of these videos, speculation has run wild on what the figure might be. Some have suggested that Mothman traveled from West Virginia to Arizona. This wouldn’t be the first time this cryptid traveled a long distance. There have been sightings in Minnesota, Chicago, New York, and as far away as Russia. 

Skeptics have suggested that if this were one of the most popular cryptids in the United States, it would have needed to move its wings in order to stay in the air. That may not necessarily be the case, though, as there have been reported sightings of Mothman flying, or hovering, without moving his wings. 

Others offered that this is simply a balloon floating through the sky. Singular Fortean reported that the weather data during that time in Phoenix doesn’t allow for a balloon to hover like that, though. The wind was blowing out of the SW, moving against the figure’s path, which was NE to SW. 

Let us know what you believe this floating humanoid figure from Arizona is in the comments below!



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