In late October, ‘techno-mediums’ Sooner Paranormal caught ghost activity — including flickering lights, floating orbs, and voice recordings — on camera at a burger joint in Tulsa, Okla.

At the family-owned restaurant Dick’s in Sapulpa, three videos show different paranormal events.

First, the lights flicker on and off in the main dining room.

Flickering lights ghost activity in Tulsa
Flickering Lights (Image Credit: Angie Goins)

Notice how some lights are still on, while others are off. They flicker in this manner for a few seconds before the video ends. The full video can be seen on Fox 25.

The cameras were placed inside the restaurant overnight during the investigation.

In the back room, it gets even more interesting. Orbs appear to manifest on camera, flying across the screen.

floating orb at Tulsa Oklahoma burger joint
Floating Orb (Image Credit: Angie Goins)

The orb is first seen toward the top of the screen. Then, it flies down across the screen until it is out of view.

floating orb flies across screen sooner paranormal
Floating Orb (Image Credit: Angie Goins)

Finally, a strand of light is captured on the dining room camera. Toward the end of the video, you can hear what sounds like a growl.

ghost activity tulsa oklahoma
Strange Light Strand (Image Credit: Angie Goins)

You can clearly see multiple “orbs” travel across the screen before disappearing.

According to Sooner Paranormal, multiple conversations and voices were recorded. The team heard: “Ethel,” “I can leave,” “I told you not to whisper,” “Duke was here,” and “We’re dead.”

This certainly seems like evidence of ghost activity in Tulsa. Hopefully, further investigations are conducted and more evidence is found.


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