giant jellyfish

A strange ‘jelly-squid’ sighting from April 2014 is now coming to light after cryptozoologist and author Andy McGrath reported the story to Daily Star Online. Sighted from the London Bridge in the River Thames, the monster is apparently a jellyfish hybrid with a squid-like lower half.

“The brothers described the creature as having a grayish, featureless and slightly elongated square head,” McGrath said. “With what looked like lots of green tentacles or tassels at the bottom.”

“It was around five feet in length and as thick as a man’s body,” McGrath continued. “The creature was sighted to the left of the bridge, on the surface of the water, and was swimming slowly against the current.”

Lion’s Mane Jellyfish Gets to Giant Squid-Like Sizes

Jellyfish are capable of growing quite large. The lion’s mane jellyfish can reach lengths of six-and-a-half feet. And the largest lion’s mane jellyfish ever recorded was over 120 feet long, according to Oceana.

But lion’s mane jellyfish live in cooler temperatures. Despite frequenting North Wales and North Scotland, it is unlikely they’d travel into the River Thames.

Image Credit: Ritchie Powles

Other Jellyfish Possibilities

McGrath believes two other possibilities are the box jellyfish and giant bell jellyfish. But neither perfectly match the characteristics described in the brothers’ story.

“This sighting is very unusual and somewhat unique,” McGrath said. “Something like a creature resembling both a squid and a jellyfish. It certainly does not match any currently known Medusozoan or Cephalopod species known to science.”

“Although, to the uninitiated, a box jellyfish may seem to possess some of these physical characteristics,” he continued. “I found photographic evidence of a giant bell jellyfish, four feet across, which was sighted in a Cornish river, in May of 2014, and know of many of these types of jellyfish, although not typically sighted in rivers, are frequently sighted along the coasts of Britain.”

Even if the size and shape did match the creature sighted back in April 2014, the color definitely would not. The brothers said the jelly-squid had a metallic or mechanical feel to it. Bell jellyfish are orange and pink.

It must be noted that the characteristics described could simply be the result of a metal object in the water with seaweed attached to the lower half.

Without further evidence, it is impossible to verify the accuracy of this interesting sighting. But for those who believe the brothers, it’s quite a terrifying tale. After all, there is a lot to find out about what lurks in the depths of our dark and mysterious waters.


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