Annual Mothman Festival Replaced with Virtual ‘Create a Cryptid’ Contest

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The Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, W. Va. started in 2003 and has drawn thousands of attendees every year since. Unfortunately, it is postponed this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But one local library is launching a fun cryptid creation contest in its place.

The Parkersburg and Wood County Public Library is holding its first-ever ‘Create a Cryptid’ program now until October 20.

“Most people enjoy thinking about something that might exist in the corner of their eye, and I think that’s what I feel like about the Mothman,” Contest Programming Coordinator Jeanne Michie said. “He’s something that someday on a dark road, I might see out of the corner of my eye.”

To enter the contest, head over to the Cryptid a Cryptid Facebook page and submit your own creation under the discussion tab. You can even create a backstory for your new monster.

“This time in our country,” Michie continued, “we need to have a few escapes I think.”

Mothman was first reported in 1966 by five gravediggers, who were working in a nearby cemetery. Since then, the mysterious creature has been spotted from New York to Russia. 

Spotted most frequently at the “TNT” area, or a now-abandoned World War II munitions plant, this West Virginia cryptid has been blamed for the Silver Bridge collapse in the 1960s, the Russian apartment bombings, a mine collapse in Germany, and many other tragedies.

Theories about what exactly the Mothman is range from an American barn owl to a failed government experiment. Some even believe he is a bad omen — a kind of spirit that brings death and destruction with him everywhere he goes.

Regardless, this creature has fascinated the world for nearly 60 years. Can you create a more terrifying cryptid? This contest is your chance to prove it. 

The annual Mothman Festival will return in 2021.

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