A video shot in 2018 shows the clearest Ogopogo evidence ever recorded. A son and his father spotted what appears to be a massive creature in the lake while fishing off a dock in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada, has boasted claim to Ogopogo for hundreds of years. The lake monster is described as a gray, black, and brown serpentine-styled cryptid, stretching several dozen feet long. Its color pattern does nothing to help spot it in a lake surrounded by idyllic, forest-covered mountains.

The lake is 135 square miles and over 80 miles long. It was carved out by glaciers forming and retreating over a long period of time and has a maximum depth of over 700 feet deep. The lake’s depth can surprisingly drop over 200 feet less than 35 feet offshore – the perfect setup for a lake monster.

Legend Has It…

Like its more well known cousins – Loch Ness’s Nessie, Lake Champlain’s Champ, and the Altamaha River’s Altamaha-ha – the legend of Ogopogo has its roots in violence. Starting around the 1700s, native tribes were required to bring a sacrifice to cross the lake. Typically, they would kill a small rabbit and toss it over the side of the canoe. This act supposedly guaranteed the safe passage of the tribesmen and ensured their horses were not pulled under the lake by what they called N’ha-a-itk. 

This aggression seems to have lessened in recent years. Lake Okanagan is a popular resort location. Every year, its waters are used by boaters, scuba divers and even people there to swim its entire length (Adam Ellenstein, Shayn Moritz). This offers ample opportunity for Ogopogo to feast, but it appears it prefers to keep away from these people.

At best, Canada’s lake monster is reluctant to be seen. It has evaded cryptozoologists for years. In 1991, an expedition with a submarine couldn’t find the monster. Still, there have been numerous sightings. Of these, the above video posted by youtuber Blake Neudorf caught our eye. Posted recently, but recorded in 2018, viewers see what may be the Ogopogo. The creature slowly travels across the video and out of sight. Apparently, by the time anyone got to the bay, Ogopogo was nowhere to be found.


So, what is Ogopogo? No one knows. Explanations are numerous. Commonly snakes are given credit, but the monster is said to be over 40 feet long. Inanimate objects, like floating logs, seem to be responsible for many of the dubious sightings. Interestingly enough, boating wakes may be responsible for many of the sightings. The structure of the lake is such that these wakes can travel long distances. Because of this, an observer may see a wake with no boat in sight and conclude it is Ogopogo.

While not conclusive, the evidence shown above is one of the best currently available. The video clearly shows something in the water. Experts have yet to determine what that something is. The world’s waterways are a mystery and will continue to be for a long time. It isn’t crazy to think a serpent-like monster made a home in the Okanagan Lake.

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