Post Malone visits Skinwalker Ranch
Image Credit: Twitter (Brandon Fugal)

Post Malone is a trendsetter, and his most recent adventure could be one of the most important things to happen to the cryptozoology and paranormal spaces in a long time. Joining Brandon Fugal, the celebrity rapper recently visited Skinwalker Ranch, the “most-studied paranormal hotspot on earth,” according to ABC News.

The HISTORY Channel’s popular television series — The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch — is famous in its own right, but someone like Post Malone getting involved with the project will surely boost interest in the quest for finding paranormal activity at the ranch and beyond.

Post Malone travelled down to Ballard, Utah (not far from one of his homes in the state) to visit the ranch after reaching out to Fugal through mutual friends.

“Post Malone and I were introduced through mutual friends and business associates,” Fugal said. “And became friends as he is extremely interested in the paranormal with the dream to visit the ranch.”

Fugal claims that this wasn’t a gimmick and that Post Malone actually reached out to him. The cultural icon is especially fascinated by the science and technology used to search for and record paranormal activity, Fugal said.

Fugal, the chairman of Colliers, has always been interested in Skinwalker Ranch.

“Skinwalker Ranch is the most scientifically studied paranormal hotspot in the world,” he told 2News. “And was part of a Pentagon-funded black budget program from 2008-2013, as reported in the New York Times and other media.”

“I acquired the ranch from elusive aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow out of Nevada nearly five years ago,” he added. “And launched my own expanded investigation of the property and the claims of UFO activity, cattle mutilations, orbs, and other high strangeness.”

Season 2 of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is expected to launch in May of this year. And when asked about whether or not Post Malone will make an appearance on the show, Fugal simply said, “we’ll see.”


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