haunted house rancho cucamonga

It might seem like professional wrestling and ghosts have little to do with each other, outside of a few off-the-wall character gimmicks. But in their new book — Young Bucks Killing The Business: From Backyards to the Big LeaguesMatt and Nick Jackson open up about paranormal activity at their childhood home in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Written by Nick, the “High Risk Wrestling” chapter recounts the family’s move from Rancho Cucamonga to Hesperia. Despite never wanting to move, Nick admits to the new house being “more peaceful than the other one.”

“I don’t know if I believe in the paranormal,” he writes. “But strange things happened at the old house that we still cannot explain.”

“Strange things” is definitely an understatement. 

Eerie Feelings and Flickering Lights

Most kids hate the dark. And with their wild imaginations, it’s common to hear of ghost-like tales. The Young Bucks’s haunted story starts in a similar way. But then it takes a horrifying turn.

“Nighttime at the house in Rancho Cucamonga was eerie,” Nick recalls. “And I don’t remember ever not being scared. As a matter of fact, I’d be so scared lying in bed that I’d refuse to go to the bathroom and just wait until the sun came up.”

“On the rare occasion I did use the bathroom in the middle of the night,” he continues, “I would run as fast as I could, flick the light on, and pee with the door open.”

“What prompted this fear of mine?,” he asks. “Lights would randomly turn on and off all the time. Or the TVs would turn on and then the volume all the way up with it, which would wake everyone in the house. Sometimes, our car horns would be set off (by what I’m not sure) and wake the neighbors. Doors and drawers would slam shut without explanation. At a certain point, when enough of the family started noticing these peculiar events, we took night shifts and sat by the TV to try and discover what was creating these disturbances.”

“We never found anything,” he concludes.

Whispering Voices

Flickering lights, TV malfunctions, car horns, and drawers closing shut are all easily explainable phenomena. But then, the family hears a voice.

“One time at the dinner table with the family, I heard a faint voice, almost like a whisper, say my mom’s name,” Nick writes. “Joyce.

“Upon hearing it, we looked everywhere inside the house, and then out in the backyard and the front yard to see where the voice came from. Returning with no answers, we settled back at the dinner table, and then heard it again.”

Joyce. Joyce.”

“We never found out what said her name.”

Haunted Sleepovers

And it wasn’t only Matt and Nick who experienced the ghostly incidents. Their friends stopped staying over at their house because it was too scary. 

“Friends visiting for the first time would notice occurrences, too,” Nick said. “One night, Daniel Grubbs slept over, and we stayed up pretty late in Matt’s room. By the time we got ready to go to sleep, we started talking about how creepy the house was. In the middle of the conversation, Matt turned on the strobe light he had in his room and the entire room lit up, prompting us to scream.”

“The second we found out it was Matt, we all laughed,” Nick admitted. “A few minutes later, we decided to try and sleep, and as soon as the room was dead silent, the strobe light went off again. We panicked and Matt shouted, ‘Guys, this time it wasn’t me!’”

“I told Matt to unplug the strobe so the light couldn’t possibly go off again. We watched him unplug the cord and lie back down, several feet away from the outlet. To everyone’s shock, the strobe light went off again!”

“We slept with the lights on for the rest of the night,” Nick writes, “enveloped in the cold terror that had presided over the room. I can’t remember Daniel ever staying the night at our house again.”

Matt Sees a Ghost

According to Nick, Matt had the strangest encounter of all. It scared him so bad he grabbed kitchen knives from the drawer to defend himself against the terrifying apparition

“One time upon locking the front door, it pushed right open and [Matt] saw something run into my sister’s bedroom. He went to investigate, but being too scared to do so, called my dad and demanded he come home. A few minutes later, we arrived to find Matt sitting on the kitchen counter, shaking and holding steak knives in both hands. Per usual, my parents found nothing or nobody there.”

Finally, the Horrifying Backstory

While Matt and Nick were still in the house, their parents never told them the backstory behind all of the paranormal activity. But something terrible happened at their childhood home.

“My parents would never admit to seeing or hearing anything out of the ordinary,” Nick recalls. “Well, not until the last day in that house.”

“The day we moved out, my dad called for a family meeting. We all gathered in the empty living room where he finally admitted to us that our uncle, Dave, who is a police officer, warned them before we moved in that a girl had been shot and killed inside years before.”

“I’m not sure if his telling us this before would’ve helped us understand the occurrences or made us more fearful,” Nick wonders. “But at that moment, I was grateful for getting the heck out of there.”


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