Is HBO’s Newest ‘Raised by Wolves’ in the Same World as ‘Alien’?

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Director Ridley Scott — best known for his hit movies Gladiator, Alien, and Blade Runner — is back with a brand new television series on HBO. Raised by Wolves follows two androids, creatively named Mother and Father, tasked with raising a new generation of humans on the virgin planet Kepler-22b. And recent fan theories suggest the world Mother and Father are attempting to navigate might be the same one Captain Dallas and company traverse in Alien.

There are plenty of similarities between the two worlds. But when Scott literally built much of the modern science fiction vocabulary, crossover is inevitable.

Raised by Wolves series creator and writer Aaron Guzikowski discussed how Scott, who is one of the show’s producers, influenced its direction.

“Obviously, I was a hugely influenced by all of [Scott’s] work, Prometheus included, for sure, and when I first met with him, we talked about it,” Guzikowski told Deadline. “But there was never any concern with him in terms of how it was going to connect to his other stuff. He more wanted to just kind of take it for what it was. And obviously, there’s a lot of homages to the other stuff he’s worked on.”

Alien Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott Responds to Raised by Wolves and Alien Comparison

Fan theories are always interesting to consider, and sometimes they go on for years without an explanation from writers, directors, producers, or actors. But Scott actually recently responded to the Raised by Wolves and Alien connection on Reddit.

“Interesting question,” he wrote, “but, no. The first Alien story feels like it may be some time before Raised by Wolves, in that the Nostromo was probably financed by an organized global economy. Raised by Wolves is about post-global war chaos.”

Well, that couldn’t have been simpler. It seems the only true connection between Raised by Wolves and Alien is the massive influence Scott’s films have had on the entire sci-fi genre.

What Inspired Mother’s Doomsday Pose?

Scott addressed one other specific aspect of the show: Mother’s ‘Doomsday Mode.’

When asked about the main character’s ability to transform into a killing machine and what inspired her gold pose, Scott recalled a sculpture in New York.

Mother Raised by Wolves Doomsday

“Mother’s Doomsday pose, within the context of the story, being called a necromancer was inspired by a marvelous sculpture in New York; the one of Atlas supporting the world at Rockefeller Plaza,” he wrote. “That has always stayed in my mind since I saw it many years ago. And when reading the script, the first thing I thought of when she became the necromancer was that image. An image of indestructible power and dominance.”

“The Greek mythology has stumped me,” he continued, rejecting a supposed connection between the gold pose and Greek myth, “but think more about Mithraism, which is Pre-Christian, where the two most important figures in the legend are Romulus and Remus who were brought up by a she-wolf. Mithraism replaced formal religion and in parallel with that evolved a form of religion of pure science ending the world as we know it.”

It’ll be interesting to see how Raised by Wolves‘s world develops in the future. Until then, Scott and Guzikowski have left watchers with plenty to chew on.

Raised by Wolves will return to HBO Max for Season 2 soon.

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