Release the Kraken: Seattle’s Newest NHL Team Shows Just How Big the Cryptid Craze Is

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This week in Seattle, the newest NHL expansion team made a major announcement: it’s time to release the Kraken.

After the NHL awarded Seattle an expansion franchise in 2018, the team had to determine the future of the city and decide on a name and team colors. Now, in 2020, the Seattle Kraken is prepared to debut next season in 2021.

The name is something Seattle can be proud of, especially since the fans majorly influenced the team’s decision to name their franchise after a legendary sea monster.

“When this started out, and I first heard the Kraken name, I’m like, ‘What in the heck is it?,'” commented the team’s CEO, Tod Leiweke, on the Dori Monson Show. “But we just became disciplined listeners, because I have learned in this business that if you listen to your fans, you can’t go wrong. It sounds corny to say, but it creates an environment where the fans can truly express their passions.”

The city is responding very positively to the name as well, even flying the flag on top of the Space Needle on July 23.

“I think the ‘S’ logo is iconic,” said Seattle’s Mayor Jonny Durkan. “It captures not just the Kraken; it captures Seattle.”

Giant sea monsters aren’t a foreign concept in Seattle either. The largest known octopus on the planet — the Giant Pacific Octopus — is native to Puget Sound, weighing over 600 pounds and stretching over 30 feet in length. Oh, and it makes for really cool promotion videos too.

Seattle reviewed over 1,200 names and seriously considered about 100. Alternative name options included the Steelheads, Sockeyes, and Metropolitans, but the Seattle Kraken didn’t settle for boring. Larry Stone of the Seattle Times agrees, despite the Kraken not being his preferred choice:

“I would say the that’s the best thing Kraken has (have?) going for it — it’s a name you can have fun with,” he said, “in imagery, in conversation, even in heated debates over why you think it doesn’t work.”

It’s definitely interesting and amusing to see a major sports franchise embrace the wonderful world of cryptozoology. Cryptid Lab is rooting for you, Seattle. Release the Kraken!

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