The Blue Albino Woman [A Complete Guide]

The Blue Albino Woman Cryptid Index

Name: The Blue Albino Woman

Alias: The Blue Albino Witch

First Reported: 1963

Location: Topeka, Kansas

Origin Story

The Blue Albino Woman’s origin story begins with a relatively normal woman from Topeka, Kan. She suffered from albinism, which made her skin pale, her long hair white, and her eyes pink. Due to the fragile nature of her body, she often kept her blinds drawn to avoid the sun. 

Throughout the 1900s, people tormented her because of her physical appearance. Stories spread around town suggesting she glared at children on their way to school each morning, perhaps trying to find her lost child.

One night, a group of men abducted the Blue Albino Woman because they thought she was a witch. After digging a deep grave in the Rochester Cemetery, they buried her alive. To this day, no photographs of the woman exist, and no one remembers her real name. 

Her tragic death kept the Blue Albino Woman’s spirit from passing onto the next realm of existence. She is stuck with us and has since become cold and dangerous, haunting the streets near the cemetery in which she was buried. From a distance, she looks like a harmless old woman, but once closer, she is clearly a dangerous spirit known to eat human flesh. 

Key Characteristics


During her years among the living, the Blue Albino Woman looked like a relatively normal woman, despite suffering from albinism, which made her skin pale as a ghost. She had long, white hair and pink eyes. This description has been told through stories and memories, as there are no known photographs of the woman, alive or dead.


After her death, a blue-ish tint appeared on her skin, and her eyes darkened to a deeper red color.

Red Eyes
Photo Credit: Pexels

Similarly to when she was alive, this cryptid is typically seen wearing long, white dresses. It’s said that not much has changed since her death, but minor alterations did happen. Her fingers elongated, similar to that of a witch; she grew long, sharp fangs, which could easily rip through the skin of her victims; and her flesh started to rot, giving her an evil aurora. 

Often times, she is seen walking with an all-white German Shepherd or Poodle. 


The Blue Albino Woman lives in Topeka, Kan. She guards the Rochester Cemetery, where a group of men buried her alive. Cathy Ramirez of the Ghost Tours of Kansas has stated that she can also be seen near Highway 24, 35th Street, Rochester Road, and Menninger Road. 

Topeka Kansas State Hospital
Photo Credit: Don

While the ghost is known to tend to the Rochester Cemetery, she has been seen around Topeka as well. One young man reported that he saw her in a store and needed a family member to “force” her to leave. 



The Blue Albino Woman is most likely a ghost, or an apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image. 

She isn’t overly aggressive or dangerous, contrary to the cryptid’s origin story. One man claimed that he and a friend went looking for the ghost. When they found her, she simply asked what they were doing. They responded that they were looking for her. She told them they better leave because she had to go. While the encounter doesn’t seem overly friendly, it wasn’t vicious or dangerous. 

Some people have suggested that the ghost only appears when people are looking for her; she doesn’t surprise unsuspecting visitors. 

Demonic Entity

It is also possible that the Blue Albino Woman is a demonic entity. These evil spirits oftentimes possess people, and she was believed to be a witch in her real life, suggesting she could have practiced black magic. It’s possible she could have made a deal with the Devil for her role in the afterlife, similar to the Jersey Devil.

The evil intent of this cryptid is clear in her origin story. She grew long, sharp fangs in the afterlife while eating the flesh of anyone who comes near her. Jessica Streeter had an encounter with this cryptid, stating that the demonic entity scratched at her and tried to choke her. Streeter’s boyfriend also stated that he believed he was going to die during the encounter. 

There have been other reports of people being pulled out of their cars by the evil spirit.

Some have questioned as to whether she is looking for closure or revenge in the afterlife. Answering this question could be the key to whether she is evil or friendly. 

How Did She Die?

Buried Alive

The original tale is that a group of men buried the Blue Albino Woman alive for being a witch. Her albinism led to her death. This group of men dug a deep hole in the Rochester Cemetery and forced her into it. Some believe that her horrifying death caused her to stick around in the land of the living, as she couldn’t rest in peace. 

Grave Buried Alive
Photo Credit: Eli Duke

Burned Alive

Another story, similar to the first, suggests that instead of burying her alive, the group of men burned her house down. The Blue Albino Woman, still in the house, burned alive. Again, some believe her horrifying death caused her to remain in the land of the living, as she couldn’t rest in peace. 

Natural Causes

While not as exciting as the first two causes of death, it is definitely possible the Blue Albino Woman died of natural causes. There aren’t any known reports of a woman being buried or burned alive, but the legend insists that her paper documents were destroyed, leaving no record of her name. 


The first reported Blue Albino Woman sighting came in 1963, shortly after her death. Since then, there have been hundreds of reported sightings, many of which come from the Ghost Tours of Kansas. 

Surprisingly enough, there is a Goodyear Tire Factory near the area in which this cryptid tends to roam. Many of their employees have seen the ghost while driving to and from work. Furthermore, people living near the Rochester Cemetery have reportedly seen the spirit as often as once a week. 

James George reported his sighting for Monsters and Mysteries in America. It happened when he was a young child, shopping for school supplies at a store in town. He was told to go to the dressing rooms but wandered off to look at the mannequins. The Blue Albino Woman appeared behind him. George felt his breath leave his body, terrified of the cryptid. One of his older family members came to his rescue, demanding the ghost leave the store. She didn’t hesitate and glided away. Despite incurring no physical harm, George said he will never forget that moment. It’s worth noting that he never heard stories about the spirit prior to seeing her in the store. 

Jessica Streeter is another witness with firsthand experience. She discussed her sighting with Monsters and Mysteries in America as well. On her birthday, Streeter and her boyfriend made their way to the Rochester Cemetery to look for ghosts. She said the Blue Albino Woman appeared in the cemetery, attacking her and her boyfriend. Streeter claimed that the cryptid scratched at her and tried to choke her. Fortunately, they escaped the situation. Streeter’s boyfriend admits to believing they were going to die that night.

Popular Culture References

The Blue Albino Woman is talked about in the 11th episode of the second season of Monsters and Mysteries in America. 

The Ghost Tours of Kansas have walking tours and bus tours that search for the Blue Albino Woman.