A remote trail camera in West Central Alberta, Canada captured another possible Bigfoot sighting, seemingly hunting from the trees in the dead of the night. The video comes courtesy of the popular YouTube channel, Sonny Vator.

The video is broken down into two main parts:

The first section shows a cautious deer looking around before leaving the area. There seems to be a pair of glowing eyes in the trees if you look at the center of the video. But the evidence is rather unconvincing at this point. The majority of the cryptid’s body is apparently behind the trees.

The second part is recorded in the morning when the lighting is better. There is a large, black creature moving between two of the trees.

About the Trail Camera

This is one of four trail cameras positioned within a one-mile radius in West Central Alberta. They were set up by a wildlife biologist in an effort to study wolverines in the area.

The camera needs to be triggered to start filming. The biologist that captured the video claims that the trail camera likely didn’t film the Bigfoot arriving because of the time of night (4:14 AM EST). The camera is triggered from a longer distance during the day, in comparison to the night. He believes that the cryptid positioned itself in the trees to hunt, but left unsuccessfully in the morning after failing to capture its prey.

Is This Actually a Bigfoot Sighting?

It’s difficult to tell if this is a real bigfoot sighting.

The first section of the video, when it’s night time, shows what appears to be two glowing eyes, but they don’t move or blink. It looks as if it could just be light shining through the trees, mistaken for the eyes of a creature.

The second section of the video, when it’s day time, is much more compelling. The creature is now standing between the trees. It’s moving and has black fur. There aren’t any significant characteristics to focus on, but the creature is definitely large.

Joseph Corradino shared similar thoughts on YouTube.

“I didn’t see a thing in the first video or I should say I really couldn’t make it out,” he posted. “But the second I sure did.”

“That’s a huge Sasquatch,” someone else added. “Looks [to be] close to [10-feet] tall and about [4-feet] wide!”

The majority of the comments suggest this is a real bigfoot sighting. But not everyone was convinced.

“Why would they wait in the same spot for so many hours on end and then not go after the deer?” Nate Lineham questioned.

It’s a valid criticism.

There have been a number of Bigfoot sightings in the Alberta area in recent years. Do you believe this is compelling evidence?


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