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Classified Documents Released Showing UFO Hotspots in the UK

ufo hotspots in the uk
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Classified documents outlining UFO hotspots and sightings in the UK have officially been released after 61 years. This announcement comes on the heels of the Pentagon’s confirmation of three UFO sightings in the United States.

A government-backed program, named the Royal Air Force (RAF), took charge of recording UFO reports and submitting them to the National Archives. Many of the sightings reported were done so by air traffic control employees, pilots, police officers, journalists, amateur astronomers, and members of the RAF.

The RAF’s UFO sector disbanded in 2009 after the government concluded that they found no potential threat after 50 years.

A Freedom of Information request forced the documents to be released after the required amount of time. In the final year of the program, 626 sightings were recorded.

UFO Hotspots in the UK

Here is a list of the top 20 UFO hotspots in the UK for 2009 [the last year the RAF collected data]:

  1. London (54)
  2. Kent (30)
  3. Lancashire (24)
  4. Derbyshire (22)
  5. Essex (22)
  6. Stafford (19)
  7. Swansea (18)
  8. Warwickshire (17)
  9. Surrey (16)
  10. Norfolk (15)
  11. Wiltshire (15)
  12. Yorkshire (15)
  13. East Sussex (14)
  14. Devon (13)
  15. Lincolnshire (13)
  16. Hertfordshire (12)
  17. Northamptonshire (12)
  18. West Sussex (12)
  19. West Yorkshire (12)
  20. Cornwall (11)

These 20 hotspots account for 366, or 58.5 percent, of all sightings that year. 

How Many People Believe in Aliens?

In 2008, Lightspeed surveyed a number of people living in the UK about aliens. They asked, “Do you believe in extraterrestrials?,” and “Do aliens exist?” 

Of the responders, 36 percent said yes. The second largest response was no (29 percent) followed by impossible to say (18 percent) and I don’t know (17 percent). 

Men (40 percent) were more likely to believe than women (31 percent). 

Younger generations are also more likely to believe. People 34 years old or younger believe at a 43 percent rate, compared to only 28 percent of people over 65 years old. 

YouGov took the question further in 2020, asking, “How likely do you think it is that there are aliens living on earth?” 

The vast majority believe it isn’t likely, as 24 percent voted not very likely and 41 percent voted not likely at all. Only 4 percent voted very likely and 15 percent said somewhat likely. Finally, 16 percent said they don’t know. 

When to Look for UFOs

Some think UFOs are easiest to find in the early hours of the morning, but the statistics show that isn’t the case. Fresh Student Living suggests the majority of UFO sightings occur between 8:00 PM and midnight in the UK. The busiest hour is between 10:00 and 11:00 PM with over 100 of the 626 sightings in 2009 taking place during those hours.

If you’re bored in quarantine, go watch the sky for UFOs, and if you want to increase your chances of seeing one, do it at night.

Update: FOIA request reveals details of recent UFO sightings on the East coast of the United States.



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