Werewolf Sightings in Mexico Spark Concern for Locals

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The residents of Coita in Chiapas are terrified after multiple reported werewolf sightings in Mexico. The creature is said to be roughly six-and-a-half feet tall and agile in the night, running along people’s rooftops. 

There haven’t been any reported attacks or altercations with the creature, but it has left physical evidence behind. The photographs show werewolf marks on the ground and on a roof.

werewolf sightings mexico
Image Credit: Twitter

The municipality is now faced with one of history’s oldest questions when dealing with potentially endangered predators, “should we kill or not kill?”

Coita residents have reacted to the situation in differing ways. Some in the municipality want to hunt the creature, killing it before it can kill them. Others suggest they should attempt to capture the werewolf, as they believe it’s simply hungry and needs the help. 

werewolf sightings in mexico
Image Credit: Twitter

Killing local cryptids is a concern throughout much of the world. There are laws against hunting Bigfoot in some areas of the United States, in fact. Killing any number of werewolves could be detrimental to their species survival. 

Some people, however, simply want proof, and killing the creature provides just that. 

Werewolf or Dogman? 

The residents have claw marks and eyewitness accounts to base their werewolf hypothesis on, but does that mean this creature can only be a werewolf? Or, could it potentially be some other cryptid, such as Dogman? 

There aren’t many differences between the two cryptids. The biggest is that werewolves have to go through some sort of transformation, while Dogman doesn’t. A werewolf is a human that possesses the ability to shapeshift into a wolf, making the legality of killing a little more complicated.

Throughout history werewolves have been seen as evil creatures, but that hasn’t always been the case throughout popular culture. The same can’t be said for Dogmen, though. These creatures are known as dangerous, malevolent animals.

It will be impossible to know if Coita is dealing with a werewolf or Dogman, and their residents may not care. Authorities have sent police officers to patrol nearby areas, potentially helping their residents sleep a bit sounder throughout the night. Hopefully, everyone, including the creature, remains safe.

Only time will tell if there will be more werewolf sightings in Mexico.

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  1. Actual werewolves don’t transform. They are what they are from birth till death. The transformation is a huge misconception from Hollywood just as the misconception that only a silver bullet can kill them.


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