Million-Dollar House Listing on Zillow Shows Bigfoot Doing Household Activities

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The elusive Bigfoot finally showed himself on Zillow in a recent listing for a million-dollar house in Felton, Calif.

The listing shows the nationally-recognized cryptid posing throughout the 1,872 square foot, five-bedroom, three-bathroom home, which is listed on Zillow for nearly $1 million.

Who would’ve ever thought it would be so easy to spot Bigfoot reading up on edible mushrooms?

Bigfoot Zillow
Bigfoot reading about edible mushrooms (Photo Credit: Zillow)

Or removing fresh baked cookies from the oven. 

Bigfoot Zillow
Bigfoot baking cookies (Photo Credit: Zillow)

Or even doing yoga and working out. 

Bigfoot Zillow
Bigfoot working out (Photo Credit: Zillow)

Oh, and even Bigfoot knows that social distancing and wearing face protection is important to combat the recent coronavirus pandemic!

Bigfoot Zillow
Bigfoot protecting himself from coronavirus (Photo Credit: Zillow)

“It just kept coming to mind,” Daniel Oster, the property’s realtor said, speaking about the creative listing method. “I thought it might be fun and make people smile. Home buying is kind of an adventure, and I wanted to make it a surprise.”

This isn’t the first time Bigfoot has been spotted in a Zillow listing, though. In November 2019, one listing in Ravenna, Ohio showed the cryptid peering over a fence.

Progressive must be paying Bigfoot — uh, Darryl — quite a bit of money to be able to afford a million-dollar house.

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